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School of Government Events

The School of Government offers up to 200 courses, workshops, webinars, and professional conferences each year. As the largest university-based local government training, advisory, and research organization in the United States, the School of Government … Read more

School of Law – Continuing Legal Education

UNC School of Law offers a broad legal education that will prepare students for whatever legal path they choose. We address the fundamentals of law early on, so students can customize their experience, building skill … Read more

Sonja Haynes Stone Center Events

Sonja Haynes Stone Center exists encourage and support the critical examination of all dimensions of African-American and African diaspora cultures through sustained and open discussion, dialogue and debate, and to enhance the intellectual and socio-cultural … Read more

Survey Science Certificate

The Odum Institute‚Äôs graduate Certificate in Survey Science (CSS) teaches students and working professionals specialized skills in survey design, data collection methods, data analysis and reporting. Fully online, the 12-hour program is designed for people … Read more

Tate Talks

Tate Talks are designed to feature emerging ideas and concepts in social work and social welfare. Speakers are selected because they are on the cutting edge in their fields and are pressing the boundaries of … Read more

The Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Leadership, & Management

Any UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student is eligible to earn the Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Leadership, & Management (GCILM). This certificate emphasizes innovation and commercialization as well as workplace leadership and management principles. It offers several … Read more

UNC Latina/o Studies Events

Since its establishment, the UNC Latina/o Studies Program has offered approximately 192 LTNO courses and served more than 6,000 students as of the fall of 2020, including approximately 160 graduated LTNO minors (now graduates of … Read more

UNC Nutrition Research Institute Training

The UNC Nutrition Research Institute is an internationally recognized center that conducts innovative basic and translational science studying how individual differences in requirements and responses to diet affect our individual nutritional needs.. Our faculty mentor … Read more

UNC Satir

UNC Satir is the first permanent, university-based home for training in the Satir Growth Model in the United States. Based in the UNC School of Social Work, we offer several training opportunities for graduate students, … Read more

UNC School of Social Work Self-Paced Programs

UNC School of Social Work offers a variety of self-paced CE programs and non-CE resources. These include recorded presentations and printed materials from expert trainers. After completing a course and its related post-test, you may … Read more